DALLAS - An SUV plowed into a Dallas apartment building as the driver, along with a passenger, attempted to flee a scene where gunfire rang out early Wednesday morning, police said.

Police were alerted to the sounds of gunfire and crash at about 4:19 a.m.

No one was harmed in the Santa Fe Apartments building, located in the 6300 block of Ridgecrest Road. However, the driver of the SUV was transported to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. The passenger was interviewed by police as a witness and police were searching for a third man suspected to be involved in the shooting.

The SUV hit several vehicles before crashing into a building. Witnesses at the scene reported hearing around eight gunshots before the crash.

Along with her nephew, mother and father, Jolisette Bamanga, 19, was inside the apartment that was struck by the SUV. Bamanga said she was awoken by the sound of a loud crash andran into her parents' room to find them fearful a dangerous intruder may be inside.

"That was when we saw the car and saw how the person was getting out of the car to try and run away," she said.

"We lost everything in the living room," she said.

The Bamanga family moved into the complex four months before the crash.

A second apartment at a different complex was also damaged when a second vehicle was pushed into the building during the crash. The tenant inside was reported to be okay.

Police did not release a detailed description of the third person wanted for questioning.

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