DALLAS - Police are investigating the murder of a woman found dead inside a plastic cargo container Thursday afternoon in the 8400 block of Plainview Drive

Police identified the victim as Samantha Rasmus, 37. Police said she was struck in the head and upper body and sources told News 8 a machete was found at the scene. Police say they're looking for "persons of interest."

Neighbors suspect that it was another domestic abuse case. Rasmus lived in the house at the end of the street with her boyfriend for about two years. Neighbors say the neighborhood is safe and report seeing the couple walking down the street.

"The boy's missing, you know," resident Debbie Perkins said, "I just I don't think anybody strange come down here. Like I said we're not nosy neighbors but we do know what goes on and didn't see any, you know, a bunch of strange stuff going on."

Linda Foster says she'd say hello to Rasmus and the man when they'd walk by together often at night.

A few nights ago, however, Foster said something didn't look right.

"They had argued Monday night right out here and she said something, I don't know what she said but he shoved her in the shoulder, shoved her backwards and she just kind of walked off away from him and then that's when he grabbed her and they kept walking and that's the last time I seen them," Foster said.

Now the house at the end of the street is a crime scene and police want to speak to the man who lived there.

There's growing concern about domestic violence in Dallas.Domestic violence murders last year jumped from 10 to 25 over 2011.Mayor Mike Rawlings wants male attitudes to change and Tuesday he'll announce a big anti-domestic violence rally that will be in downtown Dallas.

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