FORT WORTH Sabrina Sabin calls it a "miserable" four years, referring to the time the ex-prosecutor spent at the Tarrant County district attorney's office.

It went from comments to just you know, 'you look nice' comments and then slowly moved to more of a sexual nature, Sabin said.

Her claim is that she was sexually harassed by District Attorney Joe Shannon. Sabin said she knew Shannon from her law school days at Texas Wesleyan, where he was a professor.

[He was] kind of a mentor to me at least at the time that's how I viewed our relationship, Sabin said.

On Friday Sabrina Sabin's diary was released to the public, containing graphic accounts of the alleged harassment.

"Joe would constantly make comments about my breasts and tell me he would like to see them, touch them," she said. "These were daily comments and daily things I was subjected to.

Sabin said she did settle out of court for $375,000.

Shannon issued a statement saying, "The claims have been vigorously denied and disputed. I did not agree to the payment of any money."

News 8 asked Sabin why it took four years to blow the whistle on the alleged misconduct. Sabin said it was motivated by fear.

It was like... Joe knows this person, and he knows that person, and Joe knows everybody... and that he was untouchable, and that was the perception," she said. "Knowing I did the right thing and I could live with myself... that's important to me.

Sabin said she will return to legal work and is not afraid to do business in Tarrant County.


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