CHAPPELL HILL, Texas -- With a population of just 350 people, what Chappell Hill lacks in size -- it more than makes up for in flair.

You never know who s sitting in this bank, said Ed Smith, president of the Chappell Hill Bank. If you re coming in to rob it, I think you re going to be in a world of hurt.

That s because the person standing next to you could be packing heat. You see, the Chappell Hill Bank is the first in the nation that actually welcomes legally concealed handguns.

We ve been robbed five times, said Smith, All of them by Yankees.

It s worth noting, the bank hasn t been robbed a sixth time, and Smith doesn t hesitate the debate raging over gun control in the wake of the Connecticut school shootings.

Everybody wants the government to do something, said Smith. People need to do things for themselves.

The NRA views any effort to limit access to guns as an infringement on the Second Amendment. Not surprisingly, here on Main Street in Chappell Hill, most people agree.

I think every bank should allow conceal carry, said Peron Einkauf. I think every school should allow it. Everybody who carries is more for fixing the problem than going after what they re proposing in Washington.

People down here have a mindset about taking care of themselves, said Smith. If we have a flood, I don t think you re going to see people sitting in water up to their knees waiting for FEMA to come help them.

Here in Chappell Hill, their weapons may be concealed, but not their passion for the right to carry them.

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