HOUSTON - Investigators with the Houston Police Department responded to an officer s home early Wednesday morning after the off-duty public servant said he was forced to open fire on a person in his driveway.

HPD officerswere called to the home on Sagetrail in far southeast Houston before 3 a.m.

An HPD spokesman said the homeowner,an off-dutyofficer, saw a person wearing a hoodie walking around his driveway and checking the doors on several vehicles.

The officer apparently got his first look at the suspect via his home s surveillance cameras. The person of interest was seen making several passes in front of the home before approaching the vehicles.

When the officer came outside to confront the person, they allegedly crouched behind one of the vehicles. The officer said he warned the man to leave, but that s when the person came from behind the car and charged atthe officer. The officer, fearing for his life, opened firecausing the suspect to runaway, saidHPD.

"I mean it all happened so quickly, he really didn't have time to do anything other than react," saidHPDspokesman Victor Senties."He saw somebody trying to break into his vehicles, he grabbed his pistol and ran out. It all happened within a matter of seconds."

Senties said the shooting officer isa 13-year veteran of the force.

Police said they were not able toget a good description of the suspect. It s believed the suspect was not injured.

HPD said the officer s girlfriend and an older child were home at the time of the incident, but no injuries were reported.

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