I really wanted to make it through a week without ripping on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones again, but he's like Christmas every day: You open one present, there's always another one.

Rob Ryan had only two years to fix that Cowboys defense (and not even two good ones after the lockout in '11).

Monte Kiffin might not get that long.

Now I don't know if firing Rob Ryan was the right decision or not, but i know this the reasons Jones gave for the firing make no sense.

Jones says the Seattle game and the Chicago game bothered him a great deal... says you have to win in Seattle (although not a single NFL team did this year), and the defense had to play better against Chicago (a game that quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions, two returned for touchdowns).

And Jones blames the defense.

He blames coaches a lot, and changes coaches a lot. It's one of the biggest mistakes he continues to make.

What team... what business... any business... changes managers every couple of years and gets better?

You do realize that if Jerry Jones had bought the Cowboys in 1960 instead of Clint Murchison we would have never heard of Tom Landry? (For those of you too young to know the greatness of Landry, Google him up.)

Jones would have fired him in '63... certainly '64.

And if you are the guy hiring the coaches you constantly have to fire, you can't keep your job unless you own the team, of course. And it's the one argument I always make that Jerry Jones can't answer.

The same argument I made to a man who wrote a letter to me last week supporting Jones (who writes letters anymore?), but name me a single team in any sport that would hire Jerry Jones to be their general manager if he doesn't bring his checkbook.

There's not a single one.

If your boss can't get another job, you have a bad boss.

If the people who work for you can't get another job, you have the wrong people.

And yet Jones continues to insist he's the best general manager the Cowboys can ever have as he blames the coaches for the mistakes he continues to make.


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