UNIVERSITY PARK No one who lives in University Park knows why anyone would do it, but you've got to admit... it's a little gross.

Mary Kyle Hendon says people should know better than to go to the bathroom outside, with no regard for privacy or other people's safety.

"Its not in anybody's right mind to do that in public," she said.

Over the past few years, city spokesman Steve Mace says construction workers, college students and even high school students have boldly taken care of their business out in the open.

"That's disgusting," Hendon said.

On Tuesday, University Park City Council members will vote on a new ordinance authorizing police to arrest or issue a $200 citation "to prohibit public urination and defecation."

Staff members recommended approval of the measure, "as University Park may be the only city in the state not to have such an ordinance."

Resident Kenny Huff fully supports the crackdown. "It's just etiquette to clean up after your dog, so I can't imagine why a human can go use the bathroom in somebody's yard," he said in disbelief.

Mace couldn't recall the specific number of incidents in University Park, but said the most recent was several weeks ago, and it was then that police realized they did not have the authority to arrest or write the offender a citation.

Resident Stephanie Holford is still shocked.

"I just feel like for University Park, they try to market us as a really classy kind of area and neighborhood, and kind of exclusive," she said. "For that to be legal, I feel that it does not represent what they're trying to make the city look like, and that's really sick."

University Park City Council Members are all expected to vote "yes" on the proposal at Tuesday's meeting.

Once passed, the new ordinance will make urinating or defecating in public a misdemeanor.


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