DALLAS -- Non-stop rain since Tuesday has its ups and downs for North Texas.

The deluge comes at a much-needed time for North Texas, which still sits in a drought from last year.

Wednesday afternoon, the White Rock Lake spillway was overflowing with rushing water -- a rare scene, as there's usually barely a trickle of water.

However, the rains have caused headaches for drivers.

Wednesday morning, several cars hit potholes that had formed on U.S. 75 near Eldorado in McKinney. The potholes caused damage to cars and many flat tires. News 8 was on the scene Wednesday and watched seven or eight cars pull over on the side of the road after encountering the potholes.

TxDOT reports the largest pothole is three-to-four feet in diameter and roughly a foot deep.

McKinney police were there to help change tires and assist the stranded commuters, however the southbound right lane of U.S. 75 at Eldorado will be closed indefinitely until repairs can be made. The closure will likely lead to delays, and repairs may not be made until the weather clears.

These potholes may have been enhanced from the recent rains. When the potholes are able to fill with water, it tends to accelerate the growth by washing away any loose pieces of road surface as cars pass over it. Thus, this creates bigger potholes.

McKinney had crews on the scene this morning starting to repair the growing potholes. That will be good news for afternoon commuters.


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