DALLAS - Over four weeks after a man was violently attacked on Lower Greenville, police have made an arrest.

Damien Falgoust, 39, continues to recover from injuries he endured during the attack. The Dallas lawyer was found in the early morning hours on December 7 barely clinging to life. He had been out late Thursday night drinking with friends and was walking home when the attack took place.

Conscious now, he was placed in a medically-induced coma.

At the time, the reason behind the attack was a mystery. Now, police say the alleged attacker, 28-year-old David Anderson, was getting revenge for an earlier incident involving Damien.

"I don't understand why this was done to my son," said Roland Falgoust, the victim's father.

The father, who lives in Dallas, has spent much of the last month by Damien's side.

"If there's any sort of permanent brain injury, then I'm very interested in seeing that this guy is brought to whatever justice he can be brought to," Falgoust said.

Police records show Damien was outside the Crown and Harp Nightclub on Lower Greenville when Anderson noticed him. Anderson was allegedly angry at Damien for an incident that took place months earlier and resulted in a friend going to jail.

Falgoust is a corporate attorney. His father said it's still unclear if Damien has brain damage from the attack, and that's his primary concern now.

"Even though he's 39 years old, he's still my kid," he said. "He's still my son."

Anderson faces charges of aggravated assault. He has a history of assault and plead guilty to his second drunk driving charge last year.


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