IRVING If the Cowboys want to win the NFC East on Sunday night, they'll have to start by keeping quarterback Robert Griffin III under control.

"Well, we have to try and contain him," says Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. "He's an outstanding football player. He's had a great year for them and they have a lot of weapons on offense and do a real good job using all those weapons but he's really the focal point of what they do."

Griffin has been slowed recently with a knee injury, but is expected to be healthy again on Sunday.

"He does a really good job in the read option type runs that they use, play action stuff, the naked stuff, all the stuff that he's very effective at," Garrett says. "You put that on top of the fact that they're the No. 1 rushing offense in the National Football League and there are a lot of combinations that you have to deal with."

"Just his abilities," says Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer. "The way he can get the ball down the field and the way he makes plays with his feet, little stuff like that."

"You know he can create so many plays and get himself out of trouble a lot which in turn, helps him make a lot of plays that you look at and say, man how did that happen?" says Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears.

It's been five weeks since Griffin beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Since then, Griffin has been voted into the Pro Bowl and rattled off four straight wins to extend Washington's winning streak to six. A win over the Cowboys would give the Redskins their first NFC East title since 1999.

"You know every moment in your life is the biggest one at that time," says Griffin. "We look forward to having many more of these but we have to make sure we take care of this one."

"We'll have our hands full," says Garrett. "It'll be a great challenge for our defense."


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