SAN ANTONIO - Strong thunderstorm cells swept into South Texas early Monday evening, prompting tornado warnings in many counties as rain and wind whipped across the region.

Two tornado touchdowns were reported in the Devine and Lytle areas southwest of San Antonio. At least two mobile homes were damaged by high winds near Natalia, as well. There were no reports of injuries related to the storms.

A second batch of thunderstorms arrived in the overnight hours Monday night and Tuesday morning. The new line moved toward the northeast across San Antonio, maintaining heavy downpours over the area for a couple of hours.

A flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service over concerns about drainage in low-lying areas.

At the height of the storms, multiple incidents were reported to emergency officials, including a vehicle crash that completely shut down westbound Loop 410 at Cherry Ridge early in the evening.

Later on, emergency crews were called to the scene of an overturned 18-wheeler on I-35. There was no word about any injuries in that crash.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, storms flooded roads and delayed flights. Other parts of Texas saw several inches of rain.

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