DALLAS A Dallas woman survived a frightening ordeal Sunday morning. She was carjacked, kidnapped, and forced to withdraw money from ATMs.

The woman told police she was taken from the parking lot of her apartment complex on Vantage Point Drive in Lake Highlands around 12:30 a.m.

After the gunmen got cash, the woman said they dumped her in a neighborhood near Fair Park in South Dallas. That's where Texas National Guardsman Carlos Jiminez came to her aid.

I took my dog outside and I noticed she was afraid; she didn't know what to do, he said. She was like panicking.

Jimenez didn't think twice about helping the woman who approached him in front of his home on Fitzhugh Avenue near Fair Park.

I let her borrow my phone. She used it to call 911, he said.

The woman told police about being the victim of a kidnapping and carjacking.

She was inside her car and the two suspects just came up to her with an armed weapon, Jimenez said. They just put her in the backseat.

The men then drove the woman to an ATM at the corner of Forest Lane and Greenville Avenue. They forced her to take out money of this ATM and others in the area.

And it didn't end there.

The victim told detectives that one of the kidnappers got out of her car on Greenville Avenue and seconds later, she heard a gunshot.

The kidnappers later dumped her in Jimenez's neighborhood. She said the crooks were still out there, so I took her inside my house, he said.

Jimenez said the victim's first question surprised him. I guess she noticed the dog tags. She asked me, 'Are you in the military?' And I'm like, 'Yes.'

Jimenez serves in the Texas National Guard. His dog tags became a possible symbol of trust. He calmed her down as they both waited for police to arrive.

I just asked her like, 'What's wrong? What happened?' Eeverything is going to be okay; they are going to be here soon, he said. She was grateful that I helped her.

The suspects' car was found abandoned a few blocks away; the gunmen remain at large.


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