There seems to be a reading problem at DISD.

Not among students or the board... Among the coaches.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Thursday at 10, our Brett Shipp detailed the case of basketball star, now playing at Pinkston High. His history of violent infractions at his previous Louisiana high school resulted in his suspension - not just from the team, from the school.

Reportedly he attacked his football coach, then pleaded no contest to a battery charge.

Anytime a student acts out toward a teacher, we take it very seriously, said Will Lynd, the police chief of the Louisiana town.

Well, when his family moved here, a group of DISD coaches tasked with checking him out decided he could play... Despite eligibility forms in which Louisiana officials made it pretty clear his playing days there were at an end.

I say there must be a reading problem, because those DISD coaches or somebody didn't seem to be able to digest or understand the material from Louisiana. They have now tarnished the accomplishments of other young men who played by the rules.

The season has come to an end for this young man, but life is only beginning. Young people will never learn anything if every time they do wrong, but play sports, someone decides the rules simply do not apply.

However, this isn't really his fault - it's the coaches who either don't understand that, or can't read.

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