Noah Smith is an Internet star.

He is the focus of a blog called Noah's Dad that's gone viral from Dallas to Egypt.

Noah is the funny, playful, one-year-old star of the show.

The photographers, editors and publishers behind it are two proud North Texans Rick and Abbie Smith, Noah's parents.

You have this treasure, this good story, but no one in the world knows how good your story is, Rick Smith said. And we're like, we want you to know! We want you to open up the story and see.

Rick said the online world shows little positive about children with Down syndrome. The blog is an attempt to change that, he says, in hopes of giving life a chance.

One of the statistics that really caught my eye was that nine out of 10 children who are found to have Down syndrome in prenatal testing are aborted, he said. That means every time you see one Noah, there are nine Noahs that you don't see.

But the Smiths admit, finding out Noah had Down syndrome the day of his birth was tough.

You create a vision for your child, and then it comes crumbling down when you hear that, Abbie Smith said.

As an ER physician, Abbie thought she was prepared for anything.

As a pediatrician, you think you know everything about parenting, and then you get your child, she said.

But with every day, she says Noah brings more progress, joy and purpose to their lives.

He's one [year old] and look at all he's done and all the people he's affected, Abbie Smith said.


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