FORTWORTH - Firefighters contained a fire that broke out early morning at a recycling plant in Fort Worth.

Fire investigators believe the fire at the Thelin Recycling Company ignited naturally when bacteria that decomposes piles of mulch overheated and caught fire just after midnight.

The blaze sent heavy smoke from the business across nearby Interstate 20 at Hemphill Street for several hours.

Large piles of mulch covering several acres were on fire before firefighters were able to extinguish the flames after an over seven-hour battle.

The piles of mulch had to be continuously turned over to cool them down. Crews used bulldozers on site to expedite the process. Each pile of mulch reached 20 to30 feet high and consisted of wood chips, grass and mud combined, which is the waste leftover from landscaping sites.

Heavy winds made the fires crews' work more difficult. Over 60 firefighters worked to put out the fire, which authorities said spread across a 500 by 500 piece of property in the 5200 block of Hemphill Street.

No one was injured.

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