PLANO - Pets are vanishing in a Plano neighborhood. Now, stunning photos of a creature on the prowl has homeowners concerned.

It's all adding up to worries for homeowners who live in neighborhoods off Independence Parkway and McDermott Drive.

Up on the roof, I saw this squirrel running real fast, and then I saw a tail, said Plano homeowner and amateur photographer Steve Susi.

Susi zoomed in on the tail and saw a full grown bobcat in pursuit of a squirrel. Two days later, he grabbed his camera and telephoto lens and headed outdoors to shoot photos of birds.

And all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I see something running. And there goes the bobcat, chasing the rabbit, Susi said.

The amateur photographer snapped away and got some incredible shots, right outside his front door. His neighbors admired his photography, but then got back to reality.

Because I realized that that beautiful creature, as beautiful as it was, was in our neighborhood somewhere, said Barbara Johnson, who lives nearby.

Susi said when he saw signs posted for missing pets, he felt compelled to put up his own signs, warning neighbors about the bobcats.

I didn't want to call them and tell them, Hey your pet may be gone, Susi said. That's kind of cruel. So, I put up the signs instead.

Homeowners said they contacted Plano Animal Services, who told them not to worry.

From everything I've read from the City of Plano, people shouldn't be concerned, said Cary Conway, a neighbor. But I think I would be worried, if I had a small pet.

The Ridgeview Park Homeowners Association sent out an e-mail to all its members, warning them about bobcats.

While some homeowners said they're not concerned, others said they're uncomfortable, knowing the big cats are hunting so close to their homes.


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