DALLAS - Twenty minutes before a group of young people attacked store clerk C.J. Thomas at the Exxon Tiger Mart on Interstate 20 and South Polk Street in Dallas on August 26, the same group apparently had beaten a teenager.

It was out of control, said Gwen Calloway.

Calloway was parked at the Love's Travel Stop gas station on the other side of the highway. She was waiting to pick up her daughter, who was attending a high school football game at Dallas ISD's Kincaide Stadium.

Calloway told News 8 she saw trouble heading her way when the game ended.

I'm talking about a mob of kids coming, you could tell, Calloway said.

Seconds later, she saw the group chasing several kids on Polk. They attacked one in front of Love's and threw him on Calloway's car, cracking the windshield.

The boy, who was not identified because he's a minor, suffered three gashes to his head and a fractured eye socket.

About 20 kids were beating up on one, Calloway said. They were stomping on him, beating him, blood splashing all over my car 'cause they are hitting and kicking him in the head.

She told News 8 she yelled at the group and tried to shield the victim.

If I hadn't been there, they would have beaten him to death, Calloway said.

News 8 has learned the violence on Polk started after a fight at the stadium.

DISD officials said safety at the facility is the district's top priority.

Officers responded appropriately by breaking up the altercation and having participants leave the facility, said Jon Dahlander, a DISD spokesman. Once those participants leave the facility, we have no control over their actions. We will be in contact with Dallas police about this incident and work with them to hopefully avoid this from happening in the future.

As for Calloway, she wants more security at future games, and plans to take her concerns to the district's next board meeting.

There's no one to protect our children, Calloway said.

Dallas police are investigating both incidents. No arrests have been made.


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