DALLAS - This was supposed to be the first of many congested weekends on LBJ Freeway as the construction project on 635 begins. Drivers will not have to deal with traffic this weekend, but only because of a delay in the just-underway construction project.

The demolition of the Joe Ratcliff Pedestrian Bridge between Marsh Lane and Webb Chapel Road over the freeway was delayed. However Trinity Infrastructure, the contractor in charge of the project, said the delay is no reason to lose faith in the project.

I would think that this delay would actually instill a little bit more confidence in this project, said Lara Kohl, a Trinity Infrastructure spokeswoman. We take this very serious. We've done a lot of analysis by a couple of different parties about this construction phase and this demolition phase, and even the slightest bit of concern caused us to take a little bit more time and look at this process.

Though the bridge is smaller than a regular car bridge, Kohl said it is trickier to demolish.

Three weeks ago, neighbors came out to say goodbye to the bridge, which helped kids cross the freeway to go to school for four decades.

The new bridge is scheduled to be completed in January of 2012 and a Trinity Infrastructure spokesperson said the bridge would be done on time.


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