Last month, after an investigation of for-profit trade school ATI, the Texas Workforce Commission announced its intent to revoke the certificates of approval for all 61 of ATI's campuses in the state.

Now, the state says it will shut down twenty-two program, making up more than a third of the programs at the school. Other programs will remain open under certain conditions.

At issue were the job placement rates at the school.

TWC said ATI misreported job placement rates for twenty-two programs. According to the TWC, the school claimed 60 percent of students got jobs.

To ensure students enrolled in these programs receive the assistance they are entitled, the state agency has issued a number of requirements on the school.

There are still students enrolled in those programs. The state said ATI must either refund their remaining tuition or offer them a way to complete their training.

ATI must also pay a fine for every one of its 61 programs in the state, a total of $61,000. This fine is for misreporting job placement claims.

The school must verify its 2011 job placements through a third party.

ATI must make management changes to make sure future job placement rates are accurate.

In order for ATI to continue operating in Texas, it must provide a letter of credit to cover costs if other programs are revoked by the state. That would cover costs for students who might still enroll at ATI and have their programs canceled in the future.


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