it's a subject most people seem to run away from here in san antonio ... certainly cowboys coach jason garrett won't talk about it ... cowboys owner jerry jones denies it - but there's no way the football in 2011 can be as good as we're used to watching

the cowboys start camp with only 65 players .... no off season workouts ... rookies they've never seen on the field ... and now because of the new labor rules they can't practice the way they used to either

the days of the great jimmy johnson and his middle drills in austin are long gone ... apparently all the coaches who used to tell us they ran hard hitting practices to toughen their team up for the long season ahead - were wrong

now the key is to keep those players healthy and rested .... and while that may welll work in the future for the benefit of everyone ... it can't possibly work this year can it ?

i've thought for a long time that free agency and a salary cap - while good for the players and the league - has cheapened the product on the field ... but then a lot of old guys think that way about every sport

and i am old

dale hansen
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