He was a father who died too early and a decorated World War II veteran with an untold story. Guy Denton was a romantic who saved the woman he loved from grief, but it was not until he passed away that his family came to know all those sides.

It is all because of a trunk of letters.

At 17-years-old, Jacquelyn Wrigley married an Air Force Pilot. The same year, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

About three days later, he went overseas, and I never saw him again, said Wrigley.

It was as a grieving, numb teenage widow that she first met Guy Denton, another fighter pilot, at a soda fountain. He was, she says, A brash young man. Jacquelyn was not interested.

I didn't want to lose somebody else in the war, and I didn't want to believe that he wasn't going to get killed, Jacquelyn said.

When Denton was deployed several weeks later, he began to send letters. Slowly, her heart opened, and Jacquelyn fell in love.

By Christmas 1943 Guy Denton had returned, and the two were married.

That story, however, became one of many. It was followed by the births of two sons, numerous moves, and then in 1979, after a long battle with cancer, Guy Denton died.

He died when he was 59 -years-old, Jacquelyn said. That was a bad time.

The letters, and the young, brazen, romantic young man they revealed, stayed stored in a family trunk. Then, last year, Jacquelyn invited her sons to read them.

I felt like I knew him as a man, not just as my father, said Rocky Denton.

Rocky Denton, in turn, turned the letters into a book called Letters From Out of the Blue.

In some ways, this has brought him back to all of us, Jacquelyn said.

And so, more than thirty years after last kissing Guy goodbye, the memories of their romance are once again fresh. That did bring sadness. But, Jacquelyn says, there was also joy.

When you stop and think about what your life was about, and what your kids have done, and what your grandchildren are doing, Jacquelyn said.

A realization, she says, of the happiness that continues to come from that long-ago union.

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