DALLAS - Police Chief David Brown reacted strongly Friday evening after seeing video of sport bike riders blocking traffic on the northbound lanes of Central Expressway to perform stunts and paint graffiti.

Chief Brown has directed that substantial department resources be allocated to the investigation of this incident with the goal of charging those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

A YouTube video showsa large and organized group of sport bike riders this past Sunday on Highway 75 at Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. Some riders sprayed graffiti on the road. Another rider, bold enough to show his face, can be clearly seen on video.

It's the kind of behavior that frightens law abiding motorists and jeopardizes their safety.

Yea, they showed up a few times during the ride and at the shut-down, replied the video's poster when asked about the lack of police presence. But, after figuring out they couldn't do anything about it, they exited´╗┐ 75 and took the drive of shame to the donut shop.

So what were Dallas police doing?

We are aware that a number of motorcyclists temporarily blocked traffic on Central Expressway late Sunday afternoon and then fled, police said in a statement. Responding officers were unable to conduct traffic stops on them.

Another video of a similar incident is also posted on YouTube. It looks exactly the same, but it was taken one year earlier, also on Memorial Day weekend. Also a shut down, the freeway event was set to honor a popular rider who died on the road in 2009.


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