Who are the 32 most powerful people in North Texas? At least this week, it just might be the owners of NFL teams.

The royalty in the world of professional football is getting some super deluxe deals from the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee.

How about a full-time chauffeur-driven limousine? That's a luxury most people dream about.

But for each NFL team owner, it's a free ride for a week with a price tag of $280 an hour.

It's just one of the off-the-menu specials the North Texas Super Bowl Committee gave to the NFL in exchange for having their big party here.

If you want to bring the game to your city, that's what it takes, explained committee chair Bill Lively, president and CEO of the host committee.

Each NFL owner also gets a hotel suite for the week worth up to $3,500.

The extra sweeteners are outlined in a contract called the Addendum to Super Bowl XLV Host Committee Agreement.

Each owner gets a 24-hour concierge to satisfy every whim along with a VIP shopping experience for the owner and spouse at Neiman Marcus (with a special NFL discount).

And last but far from least, according to the contract, a dedicated lane will be provided for NFL limousines and buses during the week of the designated Super Bowl.

Texas drivers will know what that one's worth when they're living life in the slow lane.

The first time you host the game, you set the standard for the next time, Lively said.

So the question is: If you gave the NFL this much this time, what more can you give them to come back?


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