ROCKWALL - Tuesday's Our Neighbor is involved in so many activities it's hard to keep count.

Trey Clanton, 17, is a Rockwall High School student who has had an impact both in North Texas and around the world. He teaches Bible study classes, is involved in Rachel's Challenge to help stop bullying and has gotten Rockwall High involved in a program called Invisible Children, which rescues child soldiers in Uganda.

Trey, who is also an Eagle Scout, recently won a Real Teens contest put on by the clothing store Aeropostale. The teen retailer named him one of eight winners from a pool of thousands. As a result, he's one of Aeropostale's models for their new back-to-school line. You'll see him inside every store nationwide.

The reason I volunteer is because I see all sorts of things wrong with the world, Trey said. And so, any little thing that I can do to help out and do my part or to make the world better do it.

Trey, who received a $5,000 scholarship for college, also said his dad has been an inspiration to care for and help others.

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