ARGYLE - Thursday's Our Neighbor deserves a standing ovation for the work they're doing with starved and neglected animals.

WFAA went to Argyle, where a compassionate group of men and women rescue farm animals who have suffered greatly.

Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle is a non-profit group that realizes the growing need to save farm animals from owners who have starved and neglected them.

Angel came to us from Brownwood, said Bob Williams, with Ranch Hand Rescue, of a horse under their care. She had basically been starved to death and she never had any basic medical care.

Angel was 350 pounds under weight when she got to the rescue group. While when she first got there she was in serious condition, volunteers have since made tremendous progress with her.

It's probably the greatest thing I've ever done, Williams said. It's a labor of love; and as I said, they have rights and they feel pain just like we do.

Since they opened one year ago, Ranch Hand Rescue has taken in more than 70 farm animals, including lamas, pigs and even rabbits.

Most of them have never had any basic care, so they've had no human interaction, Williams said. They've never had any medical care or vaccinations. They haven't had their hoof taken care of; they haven't had their teeth floated.

Abilene, another horse, was also rescued from a ranch in Cook County. When she was found at the ranch, she had no hay or water. Not only that, but they found her in mud half way up her leg. She too is doing better since she was rescued.

In order to keep up with the costs of feeding and nursing the animals back to health, Ranch Hand rescue needs money and volunteers, which are two things they're low on.

However, they're high on hope with their main objective to find loving homes for the animals who have suffered enough.

One thing Ranch Hand Rescue says they are in desperate need of is a horse trailer. They currently only have one.

If you'd like to help Ranch Hand Rescue in their plight to save animals, contact Cynthia Izaguirre at Also, if you know someone who could be featured in WFAA's Our Neighbor report, drop an e-mail at the same address.


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