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FRISCO - An injured bobcat has been captured in Frisco. It was found Monday morning in an alley behind the 4100 block of Freedom Lane by animal control officers.

The big cat was missing a back paw; officers surmise that the animal freed itself after having been caught in a "claw type" trap.

"The traps are considered inhumane and therefore, illegal in the City of Frisco," said Animal Control spokesman Gregg Carr in a statement.

The bobcat was taken to the Outdoor Learning Center in Plano, which rehabilitates injured wildlife.

Carr said residents should use the following tips to keep families and pets safe from wildlife:

Do not leave pet food out overnight. Keep food outside for only a half an hour during the day, if possible.

Remove any fallen fruit from trees daily.

Keep trash in a secure container. This alleviates "easy meal" access. Place container outside on trash pickup day.

Be mindful of bird feeders and scattered seed on the ground. Bird seed attracts squirrels and rodents.

Make a disturbance when confronted with wildlife so the animals know they're in your territory. Waving a stick or banging pots and pans are good ways to create a disturbance.

Take a stick with you when walking pets. This can be used to harass a wild animal if you're confronted during your walk.

Keep eye contact and slowly back way from larger, wild animals. Don't turn your back and run, as this can trigger an animal to attack.

Physically restrain all pets and bring them into the house overnight, if possible.

Keep landscaping trimmed back around the house and pool. This helps prevent wild animals from finding shelter at your home.

If you observe any wildlife that appear to be staggering, call the DFW Wildlife Coalition hotline at 972-234-WILD.

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