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FORT WORTH -- A group of North Texans is awaiting clearance to send in some much needed supplies to Haiti.

Texas Baptist Men is hoping any time now they'll get the go ahead to join up with Texas military forces on a scheduled flight.

These volunteers are experts when it comes to disaster relief. They loaded up in Dallas this morning with what families in Haiti desperately need - water filter systems. It's a basic first step to help quake victims get back on their feet.

No matter what you do, how much food you get, how much medical care you get, if you don't get water to drink, you can't live, said Bill Sluder, from Texas Baptist Men.

Each water system can provide a family with clean water to last them an entire month. They cost about $45 each. Although they are not paid for yet, Texas Baptist Men say they are counting on faith and future donations to help cover the costs.

Two volunteers will take the supplies to Haiti. They will be joining up with two volunteers from the Cooperative Baptist Ministry.

Only flights that have search and rescue teams and dogs on board are being let into Haiti at the moment. The priority in Haiti is saving lives. The Texas Baptist Men are next in line.

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