DALLAS The big Cotton Bowl game is fast approaching this Saturday at Cowboys Stadium as Ole Miss takes on Oklahoma State University.

For many, it's a chance of a lifetime to play or participate in a major bowl game, but Gretchen Hodges isn't cheering about it right now.

The Ole Miss varsity cheerleader had her uniforms and gear stolen from a sport utility vehicle that was parked outside her home in the Lakewood area of Dallas.

As a result, Hodges may be sidelined for the game and the parade.

Either we happen to find one in Mississippi and get it back in time for the game, or whoever took it might return it some how some way, she said. Otherwise, kind of out of luck.

The uniforms are tailor-made for the cheerleaders, so replacing them on short notice is difficult.

Hodges who grew up in Dallas said her family and friends are planning to go to the game and watch her cheer.

She's hoping the uniforms show up.

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