DALLAS -- There are new developments in the abduction and rape of an SMU student this past weekend.

Dallas police arrested the first suspect on Saturday, just hours after the incident; tow others were taken into custody on Wednesday.

Police say it was a combination of missteps by the suspects and sharp police work that has the community breathing a sigh of relief.

We actually caught one of the suspects with the sexual assault complainant's cell phone on Saturday, explained Lt. Eno Fite, Dallas Police. However, it wasn't until the other day that we had concrete proof and were able to charge him.

The three arrested are Alfonso Zuniga, 28; Luis Zuniga, 26; and 28-year-old Arturo Arevalo. All are now charged with the kidnapping and brutal rape of the SMU coed.

While witnesses and friends of the victim were able to get a precise desciption of the suspects' sport utility vehicle, it was the Luis Zuniga who was quickly captured while using the victim's cell phone. Zuniga, 26, who is married and, according to an affidavit in the case, lives with his mother-in-law on Red Bud Drive. It was the SMU student's cell phone that police traced to Red Bud Drive.

Follow-up police work led to the arrest of the other two.

There was some technology, but there was a lot of good street cop work, said police Lt. Eno Fite. Our disruption unit, they were out there. When we had a suspect vehicle, that really, really helped.

The affidavit stated Zuniga confessed.

Two of the the three suspects have bonds set at $1 million each; bond for the third is pending.

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