PLANO It was a bad way to start the day.

A car driven by UTD student Ling Xiaoli was hit by a falling utility wire pole overhead on Custer Road between 15th Street and Plano Parkway. The Honda Civic was flat-out pancaked by the heavy utilities lines that fell and power to a nearby neighborhood was knocked out.

'The roof hit my head,' Xiaoli said.

Police say there were no live wires down and that the blame went to a backhoe.

'He was doing construction work and again had the boom just a little too high and it hit the lines,' said Andrae Smith, a spokesperson for the Plano Police Department. 'So, I don't anticipate any criminal charges. This was just an accident by all accounts.'

While the outage was an inconvenience to nearby residents, it appeared Xiaoli's vehicle was the unluckiest.

'I think I'm lucky here and not so lucky on the road,' Xiaoli said.

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