How nice it would be on this Fourth of July if we could somehow, some way gather for a political discussion like grownups, without the passage of any angry words or epithets?

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Today in America, almost no serious discussion among adults can be had because people on the far left and far right would rather shout and scream than listen and explain.

Two-hundred-and-thirty-eight years after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, we have somehow lost our ability to reason. People no longer want to speak in measured tones and think carefully with the understanding that whatever happens, they won't get all they want.

'Oh no,' they'll tell you, 'that would mean compromise!' (You know, the dirty word they came up with in Philadelphia to get enough supporters to approve a Declaration of Independence.)

Nope. Today, we've decided the Taliban is more our model for leadership. Our words are the bullets. Our insults, the injuries.

Threats and verbal altercations over politics are commonplace now. 'My way or the highway.'

On the far left and far right, they'd rather react than think. After all, if they did stop and do that, they might get something done... and Lord knows they can't let that happen.

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