HOUSTON -- Two men walked away with minor cuts and bruises after a hit-and-run accident in Southwest Houston.

Marcus Chukwe and his boss work as medical transporters. They take patients back and forth to doctors.

At the end of the day, they were filling up at the Fuel Depot in Houston.

'It was bad,' said Marcus Chukwe. 'I was so happy that I was alive.'

According to Chukwe, the woman almost backed into him and his boss while they were filling up their vehicle at the gas station.

'My boss was like, 'Whoa, don't kill us,' he said.

Chukwe said the woman rolled down her window and started yelling at the pair, but he ignored her and went inside and paid for the gas.

As the two men were making their way inside to pay for gas, the woman stepped on the gas and hit them.

'One moment I was standing, one moment I got hit and one moment I was on the ground,' said Chukwe.

The woman and man in the car just sped off. They had no care in the world.

Paramedics told Chukwe he escaped death with only a cut down his spine and bruised legs.

He wants the woman behind bars.

'I would tell her to come forward,' Chukwe said. 'Were you that angry over words. All he said was 'please don't hit us.''

The suspect's car is a light blue or white Buick. Call Crime Stoppers with any information at (713) 222-TIPS.

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