DALLAS - State Senators Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte delivered stinging attacks against their Republican opponents on the second night of the Texas Democratic Convention Friday night.

Van de Putte strolled through an estimated 5,000 delegates when she was introduced and once on stage, she snapped a selfie on her smartphone.

'I ain't no pushover. I ain't no East Coast liberal. I ain't no West Coast Democrat,' Van de Putte said. 'I am Leticia Van de Putte. I am a grandmother. That is, Leticia San Miguel Van de Putte from the barrio, and I'm a Tejana, and I'm a Texas Democrat!'

Davis' two daughters introduced their mother, who also came through the crowd.

'[Greg Abbott] said he goes to work, he sues the federal government, and he goes home. He is so proud of that,' Davis said. 'But what Greg Abbott doesn't say is that our judges go to work, they rule against him, and the people of this state win.'

Both women came to the stage in attack mode on their Republican frontrunners. Davis and Van de Putte remain behind their competitors by double digits in polls.

Texas Democrats displayed energy Friday night, but turning that enthusiasm into votes remains a goal this party hasn't been able to achieve.

On Saturday, the state's Democratic congressional delegation speaks to delegates, along with U.S. Senate nominee David Alameel, Comptroller candidate Mike Collier, Attorney General nominee Sam Houston, and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, among others.


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