TARRANTCOUNTY--Sunday marked one year since a drunk driving crash in Tarrant County killed four people and made national headlines.

Ethan Couch was driving drunk when he plowed into a group of people who were working on a broken down car.

Couch avoided jail time by being described as having 'affluenza.' The decision in juvenile court to sentence him to probation caused a huge uproar. He is now undergoing rehabilitation at a Texas facility.

A number of lawsuits have been filed and settled with the victims' families.

About 100 people gathered Sunday night at the home of Eric Boyles, where the accident happened last year. Boyles lost his wife and daughter in the crash.

Also killed were Brian Jennings, a popular youth pastor from the area, and Breanna Mitchell, whose car it was that originally broke down.

Sergio Molina, a young man paralyzed in the accident, was in attendance, as were a number of first responders, detectives and attorneys who worked on the case.

In sending out a note about Sunday's plans, Boyles said he hopes the anniversary serves to remind people how 'the justice system failed the victims.'


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