ARLINGTON-- The powers in charge of selecting which city will host the Republican National Convention in 2016 arrive in Dallas Wednesday, but we already know they won't be choosing AT&TStadium.

The committee says while the stadium won't host official events if Dallas is chosen for the RNC, it could be used for some type of opening ceremony.

That leaves the AmericanAirlines Center for official events.

While touring Denver recently, the committee talked about AT&T Stadium and how exciting it would be to host an event here, but they said it does come with some concerns.

'It's a beautiful facility. But you also had issues surrounding it in terms of hotels and transportation and all that kind of thing. And it is so difficult and so costly for the host committee,' RNCSite SelectionCommittee Chair Enid Mickelsen said.

During the Superbowl inArlington there were issues with finding taxis.

Accommodations are critically important to the committee, and they want to avoid what happened in Tampa in 2012. Visitors had to stay in hotels an hour away from the convention.

Another issue is what it would cost the host committee to secure two large venues for the convention, with one of them being a large facility like AT&T Stadium.

Host cities can expect to spend between $55 million and $60 million, according to a recent Associated Press report.

Dallas is one of four finalists to host the convention. A decision is expected later this summer.

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