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@unlikelyfanatic what's the Spokane roster gonna look like?

College draftees, DSL dudes, extended spring trainers...all of that is fairly up in the air at this moment. There are rumors that 2013 J2 Marcos Diplan could pitch there, putting him on the Martin Perez plan, but it wouldn't be surprising if he also ended up in the Arizona Rookie League. There are some preliminary lists floating around that include names like Seth Spivey, David Perez, and Juremi Profar (who's already had AAA and A at-bats).

EDIT: Spokane's roster can be found here.

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@unlikelyfanatic I can't get a read on Lewis Brinson's season. Please read on it for me.

Well, Lewis Brinson's season is hard to read, seeing as it's not a book or a longform article, but I'll give it my best shot.

In his second season with Hickory, Brinson is hitting .301/.374/.439 through 32 games, improved numbers from his first season, but also not as large a sample size as hitters who didn't spend time injured. He's still striking out quite a bit (34 K), walking some (13 BB), and not making nearly as much powerful contact as one would hope, as he only has three homers and six doubles. He's still only 20, and he'll most likely be given lots of time to try to make all the tools come together, but if he doesn't start making massive adjustments, his ceiling may drop.

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@unlikelyfanatic how is Beras progressing? I assume slowly since he's not often mentioned lately. Tell me I'm wrong?

The Rangers like their raw tool sheds.

I wish I could tell you he's been ripping up Hickory, but I can't. Beras still has all the tools that made him a desirable J2 get, but so far he's been so far away from putting them into action that his numbers have to be considered through that lens. Of all the crazy boom-or-bust prospects on the Rangers' farm, Beras is at the top. If he puts it together, hits, and figures out his body? Insanely good prospect. If he doesn't? He might not see AA.

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@unlikelyfanatic what's the latest on Matt west since returning from injury?

He pitched incredibly well in Frisco, putting up a 0.68 ERA in 13.1 innings before being promoted to AAA Round Rock, where he's run into some problems. Right now, West has a 5.68 ERA, but has only allowed one homer and two doubles, so some of his inflated numbers could be attributed to luck. While he's probably not a major league 'pen option right this second, it'll be worth checking back in on him later this season.

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@unlikelyfanatic Who puts together the minor league travel schedule? Corpus to Midland to Corpus on a bus seems unnecessarily cruel.

The league does, and some think that they do it like that just because they think extended bus trips are fun or something.

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@unlikelyfanatic what is the biggest jump in the minor leagues?

The jump from high-A to AA is generally recognized as the most difficult before AA/AAA to the majors. The pitching, the defense: Everything is exponentially better than in high-A.

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@unlikelyfanatic Ryan Rua.

That's...not really a question, but sure!

Erick @erickmartin

@unlikelyfanatic It's sort of a question. Can he play 1B? Can he play 1B in Arlington?

Before Monday night, the last time Ryan Rua played first base professionally was in Spokane in 2012. He had 14 games of experience at the position then, making two errors (though we all know that errors could mean everything or nothing.)

Last night, Rua errored on his first chance at first, but handled everything else thrown to him quite well, including a laser throw from Gallo that beat a runner by a touch. Rua's shown the ability to pick up other positions, as evidenced by his improvements at third between 2013 and 2014. Using his own glove rather than a borrowed one might also make a difference, as his will meet him in Corpus in a few days. It'll take a few more games to get a real sense of what he can do at first, but I feel he'll be able to handle the position. However, I don't think he's really a 2014 option for the Rangers at first, though the way this season is going, he could be there through process of elimination.

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@unlikelyfanatic is there an org consensus on Demeritte future role? Rua continues to fly under radar, kind of, but does he look diff in '14

On Rua: He looks very different, especially in the field. Though he'll likely be a first baseman for the foreseeable future, his defense at third improved by leaps and bounds from the first time he set foot there last season. He's also looked more mature at the plate, dealing with slumps by making adjustments. I don't know about an organizational consensus, but I like Demeritte. I'll be interested to see if the power keeps showing up, but if it does then he profiles well as a third baseman.

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@unlikelyfanatic are you seeing any standout pitchers?

Frisco's rotation is pretty impressive, with Luke Jackson, Alec Asher, Jerad Eickhoff, Edwar Cabrera's changeup, and now Chi-Chi Gonzalez. Keone Kela offers the tantalizing prospect of high velocity every time he pitches, Jimmy Reyes shows some interesting stuff, and then I've also seen Jon Gray and other interesting pitchers from different organizations.

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@unlikelyfanatic can the universe handle a rotation with LuJack, ChiChi and LuLu?

That much awesome nicknaming? I'd love to find out. If Lulu (Luis Ortiz, this year's first round draft pick, for those not in the know) is as good as reports say, then that could be awesome not only name-wise, but pitching-wise as well.

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@unlikelyfanatic What are your 5 favorite names in the draft?

There is only one favorite name of all time, and that is Smerling Lantigua.

This year? Theo Theofanopoulos, Joey Pankake, Doug Votolato, Max Pentecost, and Nigel Nootbaar.

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@unlikelyfanatic Are there any minor leaguers who, like Elvis, might be able to talk to ghosts?

I'll have to ask around, but surely someone can. Probably another shortstop, maybe Hanser Alberto?

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