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DALLAS Rudy's Chicken is popular.

'Man, the chicken is so good you drive from New Orleans to Dallas to get it,' regular customer Shady Mack said.

It's so popular, the city spent a million dollars helping the owner build a new restaurant, which opened last week.

But the new design of the restaurant at 3115 South Lancaster Road is ruffling some feathers.

'They are over here fighting and who is going to get in line first,' said one irate customer.

The biggest problem is traffic.

'There's no clear sign of where you should go,' a frustrated patron said. 'No exit or entrance signs.'

The new two-lane drive-thru was supposed to be better, but it's confusing to many customers, and causing traffic jams.

'It's frustrating and creates an opportunity for something to happen,' Aubrey Hayes said.

Elvin Gamble eats at Rudy's Chicken three or four times a week, but on Monday he sat in line for 20 minutes just to order.

'The wait's very but worth it,' he said. 'Some good chicken.'

Dallas police have been out a few times to deal with the issue. City Council member Dwaine Caraway directed traffic for a while on Monday.

'It's like when In-N-Out opened there was traffic, because people wanted hamburgers,' he said. 'Well here, people want chicken.'

Caraway and Rudy's say they are working to fix the problems, which they say are part of the growing pains.


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