VENUS -- If you travel down Cody Loeung's street, chances are We Hear Ya.

It is a noisy, bumpy ride. The pavement is badly pockmarked by potholes and patches.

For years, Cody and his neighbors have complained that their road in the city of Venus looks more like the surface of the moon. It's dusty and cratered, and the quick fixes haven't lasted long.

Cody has taken photos of the temporary solutions, which have ranged from mounds of asphalt just dumped into the potholes and left, to gravel packed down into the recesses.

Cody's neighbor, Champa Singharath, hasn't been impressed.

'To me, that's just shoddy work and it is more money wasted [rather] than just fixing the problem altogether,' Singharath said.

They turned News 8's We Hear Ya for help.

We made a few calls, and when we showed up Tuesday, there was city equipment parked near Cody's street. He's getting the new pavement he has wanted for so long. Cody was sure that the response was because our crews showed up.

While we'd love to accept credit, we'll take Venus Mayor James Burgess at his word that this has actually been in the works for quite a while.

'They did get chosen to be done this year,' he said.

Mayor Burgess said the city is in the middle of a multi-year process of resurfacing almost all its streets. He explained the wait has been so long in some neighborhoods because his small town isn't big on borrowing.

He said filling holes doesn't justify going into a hole.

'The budget is what it is, and we go as far as we can,' he said.

The city said repaving the streets in Cody Leoung's neighborhood should take about two weeks.

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