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ENNIS The Running of the Bulls has crossed the Atlantic.

We first showed you the Great Bull Run as it arrived in Virginia last fall. The series had its first Texas event in Baytown in January.

And on Saturday, the bulls came to the Texas Motorplex in Ennis.

No matter how you describe it ('exciting,' 'crazy,' 'amazing' and 'stupid' were a few of the words we heard), the reasons to try and outrun dozens of 1,500-pound bulls ran the gamut.

'My roommate is crazy and spontaneous and awesome,' said Elizabeth Bourgeois. 'She was like, 'Hey, you want to go to Texas and run with some bulls?' And I was like, 'Yeah!''

It was a practical matter for Javier Bacalalo. 'I couldn't go to Spain,' he said.

Modeled after the famous annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, hundreds of people lined up Saturday at the Ellis County race track to duck and dodge the stampede.

Some wore costumes or taunting red bandanas. One even donned a T-shirt with a bull's-eye.

Others were simply hoping to check one more thing off their bucket list.

'I mean, if I had to go out, it would be a pretty good way to go out,' Brett Fox said.

No one was gored this time. 'I more afraid of being trampled by people,' said Kerry Weible.

Her fear was justified; one runner at the Baytown bull run was trampled and injured (by a bull).

Plenty of people took a tumble trying to get out of the way at Saturday's event, but for everyone who took part, the risk was the greatest reward.

Not everyone was in Ennis to get chased; some just showed up to watch, and there was plenty of music and games to pass the time between runs.


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