ARLINGTON Exactly two weeks after Randy Pacheco was slain as he worked alone at an Arlington shoe store, police say they have a suspect.

For the victim's mother, Genoveva Pacheco, emotions are intense and varied.

'Happy... excited... nervous... surprised,' she said.

She said she doesn't know the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Jacob Everett of Arlington, but if she met him, her questions would be simple and direct.

'?Por que mi hijo?' she asked in Spanish 'Why my son? I don't understand. I don't understand. Why?'

Police also aren't yet revealing a motive, but they believe they know who is responsible.

Arlington police Sgt. Jeffrey Houston said police arrested Everett Tuesday night. According to a search warrant affidavit, police located the murder weapon in Everett's car.

Police said they received more than 60 tips from the public after surveillance video of the suspect and photos of his vehicle were broadcast. The affidavit said Everett had recently sold a truck that matched what was seen on the video and purchased a red Ford instead.

'Mr. Pacheco didn't do anything to deserve to be killed,' Houston said. 'He was just working like he's supposed to every day.'

Everett's neighbor on San Ramon Court, Jim Wasden, was startled by the news.

'I think it's a shame,' he told News 8.

A Facebook friend of Everett's was also shocked when we reached out to him. He said the allegations are completely out of character for Everett, who he described as a manager at a local fast food restaurant.

Genoveva Pacheco is pleased with the arrest, but she said no prison sentence will ever be enough for the person who killed her child.

'One million years, one thousand years it's nothing,' she said. 'It's nothing compared with my son's life.'

The son of the owner of the Red Wing Shoes store said his family is relieved at the arrest, but still distraught that nothing will bring Randy back.


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