DALLAS -- Police are searching for the mother of four small children who left them in squalid living conditions and without food or heat, authorities say.

Her name has not been released.

The children ages four to three months are now in the custody of their father, authorities say. The family does not have a history with Child Protective Services.

'The kids are good,' said Yari, who identified herself as the grandmother of the children. She declined to give her last name. 'They're in really good hands.'

According to police, the children were found early Thursday in a converted storage shed at Overton and Garrison Roads.

The father of the children told police that he had been trying to get in touch with the mother of his three children for days. He went to check on them and found that they had been locked inside. He also told police that he spoke with the children's mother on the phone, and that she tried to convince him that she was inside with the children.

He knew that wasn't true, since he was standing outside talking to one of the children through a window. The children told him that their mother had left with a man.

Inside the home, authorities found 'unsanitary living conditions,' according to a police report. 'The smell inside the residence was unbearable.'

The home was not heated. It did not have running water and there was no edible food, according to police records.

The children told police that they had 'not eaten and could not remember the last time they had eaten,' the report said.

The children's grandmother described the living conditions as appalling.

'It looks like [...] a hoarder had been there for many years,' she said.

She said she was shocked that the children's mother would abandon the children.

'I didn't expect that from her,' the grandmother said. 'She seems like a mother that loved her kids.'

A friend of the father, who did not want her name used, said that the infant had nothing on other than a diaper.

'The other kids were dirty,' she said. 'They smelled.'

The children's mother will likely faces charges of felony child abandonment.


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