ARLINGTON The German manufacturer of the train of a roller coaster from which a woman fell to her death is blaming Six Flags for the incident.

Gerstlauer Amusement Rides filed court papers Thursday related to the lawsuit the woman's family has brought against it and Six Flags after her death last year.

Gerstlauer says the Texas Giant was not 'defective or unsafe in any manner.' It blames Six Flags workers for not properly checking Rosa Esparza's safety belt or stopping the ride when a supervisor noticed Esparza's restraint bar was too high.

The manufacturer also says Six Flags only added seat belts to the ride after Esparza's death. The suit alleges the Grand Prairie-based amusement park chain 'failed to exercise reasonable care in their hiring, training and supervision of the ride operators, supervisors and other personnel on duty on the date of the accident.'

'Gerstlauer's production and delivery of the trains adhered toSix Flags' specifications and design requirements, and the trains were placed into service onlyafter Six Flags had exhaustively reviewed, tested and approved the trains and their design,' the suit reads.

Both Six Flags and Gerstlauer have blamed each other for Esparza's death.

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