ARGYLE Nothing gets a team ready for the state tournament like a pep rally, and no one gets his team to the state tournament like Skip Townsend.

He took Brock there six times in 10 years and won a state title every time. Now in his third year with Argyle, the Lady Eagles are making the trip.

'The expectations at this school and it was the same way at Brock high expectations,' Townsend said. 'When you have high expectations, the kids and your coaches, they seem to want to meet those.'

At his side for those state championships, and with him now, is his assistant coach and wife Sammie. The two have been married for 28 years and coaching together for 16.

They even had a few years when they coached both their daughters at Brock.

'Even our two daughters look at us and say, 'It's really unusual to have parents like ours, in that you do everything together,'' Sammie Townsend said. 'Even in the summers when we have summers off, we're playing golf together or we're doing something together.'

'Coach Townsend can be pretty tough at times,' said junior post Delaney Sain. 'And then Sammie will just kinda calm us down and make us feel good. They're a great balance for each other.'

The Lady Eagles have an outstanding basketball team and a young one, too. There are 10 players on the roster who are either sophomores or freshmen.

Their team motto is: 'Don't wait to be great.'

They didn't.

'I knew we were going to be good, and I knew we had a chance to fight for [a state tournament berth],' said Skip Townsend. 'But to actually make it, I'm really impressed with our kids.'

In the Townsends' first season, Argyle finished one game over .500. Now in their third season, they could finish the year with only one loss.

That might earn them another pep rally.


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