DALLAS A two-year-old girl was found dead at the scene of an apartment fire in South Dallas Sunday morning.

Firefighters encountered heavy smoke coming from the second story breezeway of the Village Oaks complex in the 3500 block of Overton Road when they arrived just before 7 a.m.

Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said six people were in the burning apartment; three were able to escape.

'They got the little baby, but the little girl was nowhere to be found,' said neighbor Annie Turner. 'I saw her in the window and I was telling her, 'Jump, baby, jump!' But she couldn't... she couldn't.'

The child who died, identified as Eve Jammer, couldn't be reached until after the flames were extinguished. Neighbors did their best to get to the second story window to try and save the children.

'I reached in, it was pretty hot,' said Delein Walden. 'I felt one child and pulled her out, and handed her down to the people so they could grab her.'

That was one of Eve's sisters. Three members of the family are at Parkland Memorial Hospital for treatment of burns and smoke inhalation.

The American Red Cross was providing assistance to the surviving family members and to tenants in seven other units that suffered damage.

Evans said the cause of the fire was under investigation.


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