ARLINGTON For the couple looking for something a little louder this Valentine's weekend than a night in with chocolates and flowers, this weekend's fare at AT&T Stadium may fit the bill.

Typically, AT&T Stadium is a gridiron kingdom; cleats dig into turf, pads smash into pads and a football sails into the palms of a receiver. But what if that was all vaporized and replaced with 500 truckloads of dirt, piled high into the most expensive indoor stadium in the world.

Jerry Jones may have envisioned hosting multiple Super Bowls in his kingdom but what about supercross?

'There's a lot of work going on clearly. We are building a track virtually out of nothing. We're bringing in truckloads of dirt here...there's a blueprint that our dirt works crew sets up...what this track will basically look like come Saturday night,' Brandon Short, a spokesman for Monster Energy SuperCross said.

In just two days, piles of dirt will turn into a work of art. Or, in this case, it'll morph into a new track for riders.

And no two tracks are the same. Each is constructed out of native soil, in this case, the old standard: Texas clay.

'We store it locally usually under a freeway overpass so it's somewhat out of the elements, but it sits here all year round and we use it every year when we come back,' Short said.

So a pile of dirt on the side of the road may be some SuperCross dirt.

But what good is a track without a rider? Anthony Rodriguez, who has been doing this for over 10 years, says it's more than just getting on a bike.

'Definitely some cardio. It takes a lot more than people think. It's hard to breathe while you're riding. Sometimes you want to hold your breath because the jumps are so big,' Rodriguez said.

Big jumps, but also a big competition. The main event has 22 riders on the track at the same time. Rodriguez says you just have to find your way around the other riders!

Monster Energy Supercross is Saturday February 15 and the main event starts at 7 p.m.


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