Recent cuts in food stamps and unemployment benefits have put a strain on food banks already trying to meet the needs of those who go hungry.

One organization is using a grant to help make sure food for those in need doesn't go to waste.

'When there are hungry children and food being wasted, we want to connect the dots,' said Regena Taylor, director of The Community Food Bank of Fort Worth.

From its large warehouse near downtown Fort Worth, the food bank feeds hundreds a day. But making sure supply keeps up with demand isn't an easy job.

That's where FoodSourceDFW comes in.

'If there is an abundance of food... maybe an oversupply of food that is going to waste... we want to rescue that food and ultimately get it to the hungry families,' explained FoodSourceDFW spokesman Todd Collier.

Utilizing a grant from the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, the organization is connecting food suppliers with food pantries in need.

FoodSource DFW uses a computer program to streamline the way food banks get donations so foods don't go to waste.

'They have organized like-minded pantries, and we are a large pantry; we feed over 400 families a day,' Taylor said. 'They organize us so we can get the food into the hands of our hungry community.'

The United Way's GroundFloor program fosters innovation in non-profit development; in this case, helping FoodSourceDFW reduce paperwork and legwork for food banks.

'They can focus on serving and providing care for families rather than wasting a lot of back office time just trying to find food to begin with,' said United Way spokesperson Dana Brown.

For food banks and the hungry families they feed, FoodSourceDFW, is making a difference.

'By them making us aware of what they have and getting the word out, we are feeding that many more people,' Taylor said.


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