DALLAS Dallas police say robbers are targeting women in the driveways and garages of their homes, primarily in the Northeast Patrol division.

The latest victim was attacked Monday night at her home near Garland Road and Buckner Boulevard.

News 8 plotted the addresses of five similar cases dating back to August 2013.

All the women have been robbed in their driveway or garage in the evening as they are getting home.

In Monday night's case, the victim asked that we not identify her. 'He said nothing. He was completely silent,' the victim said.

She was coming home with her daughter when out of nowhere a robber in a ski mask suddenly appeared.

'I felt he wanted my bag, and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible,' she said. 'It was scary. He was right there, right at my back door, right on my porch.'

The robber grabbed her briefcase and ran to a waiting car.

This case is similar to other robberies in the Northeast Patrol division.

In September we told you about the case of Susan White, who was also coming home with her daughter when she was robbed.

'As I am closing these doors, I see two figures come around from the back of the van crouching low, and I screamed,' White recalled.

In most of the cases, the robbers are very quiet and say nothing.

'I think they were saying, 'Shhhhh, be quiet,' but I don't know. They were so silent, and that was what was so scary. So quiet as they just snuck up on me,' White said.

In a case in early January a suspect in a mask robbed another woman in the Lake Highlands area and also told her: 'Shhhh!'

'I was surprised,' Monday night's victim told News 8. 'I hadn't heard anything about it. From what I gathered from police, there have been a number of other victims.'

In Monday night's crime, the suspects used the victim's credit card within hours to try and get gas at a 7-Eleven convenience store and a RaceTrac on Buckner Boulevard.

Police hope those clues will lead them to whoever is behind the garage robberies.

After News 8 brought the cases to the attention of Dallas police, they are now looking to see if the robberies are connected.


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