COLLEYVILLE The sister of a 49-year-old man shot and killed after a standoff said her brother wouldn't have harmed his daughter.

Early Friday morning, Colleyville police reported a man was shot Thursday night after holding a teenage girl against her will inside a home in the 4100 block of Lexington Parkway. Kim Sharif later identified the suspect as her brother, John Lincoln, and the teenage girl as his daughter, Erin.

'She was never a hostage,' Sharif said. 'She told police she was not afraid. She didn't fear for her safety.'

According to a statement released by Colleyville police, a caller reported a possible hostage situation at the residence at about 7:13 p.m. During a later news conference, Chief Michael Holder said the caller reported Lincoln made threats and was armed and headed to his mother's home in Colleyville. She was not home, but Lincoln's 18-year-old daughter was.

'He had made verbal threats to a family member that he was going to do harm to his mother,' Holder said.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers spotted the suspect's unoccupied vehicle running outside the home and set up a perimeter around the residence.

Police said officers then witnessed the suspect armed with a gun with an unknown female, who was later identified as his daughter, inside the home. Outside, authorities were able to make contact with Lincoln via a phone inside the home on several occasions. However, police said Lincoln was uncooperative and belligerent.

'At one point, around 7:40 p.m., the subject opened the front door of the house and waved a handgun around and yelled obscenities at the officers and retreated back into the house, slamming the door,' Holder said.

Police then called the North Tarrant Regional SWAT team and the Richland Hills Police Department for backup.

'Every so often, the gentleman would come to the door, would open the door, wave the handgun around and yell obscenities at the officers,' Holder said.

More than two hours after the standoff began, police said he exited the home as SWAT members arrived at the scene to relieve officers. The chief said Lincoln leveled his gun at police.

'It was during that transition, the subject again came through the front door, opened the door and pointed the gun at the officers,' Holder said.

SWAT team members opened fire on Lincoln, who was struck several times and transported to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth, where he was pronounced dead.

'They shot him inside the house,' Sharif said. 'Yes, he did have a gun, but the whole situation could have been handled very differently.'

According to the Colleyville police chief, officers who answered the 911 call Thursday were familiar with Lincoln.

'We have dealt with the subject on various domestic incidents since the year 2000,' he said. 'So, there was some limited knowledge as to a history of threatening and violent behavior.'

Holder said Lincoln's family did reveal he had a history of mental illness. Sharif said her brother's behavior grew increasingly irrational after being taken off medication for bipolar disorder. She also said he never fully recovered from a near fatal car crash.

'Obviously we were dealing with a very unstable individual,' he said.

Lincoln's high school friends learned he died watching the news and expressed sadness.

'I can only imagine if it were my daughter... seeing what she would have to see,' said Suzanne Minter, a friend, referring to Lincoln's daughter.

Friends said Lincoln was a hard-working man who lived in a lot of pain because of a car accident dating back to 2010. They also said he had earlier custodial issues with his mother over his daughter.

Colleyville police and the Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting. The three SWAT team officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.

WFAA's Marcus Moore and Jobin Panicker contributed to this report

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