Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett confirmed Monday that Tony Romo, the team's star quarterback, is getting medical treatment after fighting through an injury in Sunday's game with the Redskins.

'We'll evaluate on a day-to-day basis and see what is status is on Wednesday,' Garrett told reporters at the team's Valley Ranch headquarters. 'He's working out; he's moving around; he's running... you just have to take it day-by-day.'

Romo, 33, received an MRI on Monday as part of his health evaluation.

'The day after the game, you just want to see what that injury is,' Garrett said without being specific about any medical issues that might have been uncovered.

As a sign of the potential severity of Romo's condition, Garrett said the team is now considering signing a backup for the Cowboys' lone backup quarterback, NFL veteran Kyle Orton.

'We don't have another quarterback on our practice roster,' Garrett said. 'We probably will sign another quarterback.

Garrett declined to confirm a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter that Romo would be sidelined for the season. Schefter cited a 'league source' for his information.

Other publications, including USAToday, are also reporting that Romo is done for this year.

Losing Romo would be the worst possible news for the Cowboys as they get ready for their biggest game of the year against the Eagles on Sunday night a showdown that will decide the NFC East title.

Orton has played in only three games for the Cowboys over the last two seasons. He is credited with one touchdown in those appearances.

Orton began his professional career with the Bears in 2005 and also played for Denver and Kansas City before signing on to be Romo's backup.

'We feel good about having a veteran quarterback,' Garrett said about Orton. 'If Tony's not available to us, we're excited about that opportunity.'

Romo has been the Cowboys' full-time quarterback since 2006, playing in a total of 136 games with a 64.6 pass completion percentage and 208 touchdowns.


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