WEBSTER, Texas On Bay Area Boulevard in the shadows of an ordinary office building, an extraordinary display of compassion can be seen each day.

'Everybody is worried about Gypsy,' said Roy Coleman.

Gypsy, a stray black lab mix, took up residence outside the building four months ago.

Melanie Bringol bought Gypsy a dog house but thought she needed something more permanent. She managed to catch Gypsy, and took her to her home in Santa Fe with a fenced in back yard.

'She got out, climbed the fence and came back here to the office,' Bringol said. 'Eight days later she showed up. She walked 18 miles.'

'I think she had to cross over two freeways, (I-)45 and Highway 3 to get over here,' said Stacey McMahan.

The office takes turns feeding Gypsy seven days a week, and in the process of looking out for her, the strangest thing has happened.

'It's funny, because she's kind of brought together a lot of people in the building you've never talked to before,' McMahan said. 'But they've all kind of come together just because of this little dog.'

'I think most people have a big heart, and they can't stand to see anything, human or animal, suffer,' Coleman said.

The new plan is to trap Gypsy, get her to a vet who's volunteered his services and ultimately find her a permanent home. However, so far, she hasn't taken the bait.

'Something is drawing her to this building,' Coleman said.

Maybe it's the kindness of the people inside.

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